avatar avatar 我的文献 Ba0.95Ce0.9Y0.1O3-α固体电解质的氧离子导电性 作者 仇立干; 马桂林 单位 盐城师范学院化学系! 盐城 224002; 苏州大学理学院化学化工系! 苏州 215006 期刊 无机化学学报 时间 2000年06期 关键词 铈酸钡; 固体电解质; 质子导电性; 氧离子导电性
Ba0.95Ce0.9Y0.1O3-α solid electrolyte was prepared by high temperature solid state reaction. The electrochemical oxygen permeation (oxygen pumping) rates and oxide ion transport number in this electrolyte were detected in the temperature of 600~ 1000℃ . It was found that this electrolyte exhibited the oxide ion conduction with the oxide ion transport number of 0.3~ 0.5.
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