avatar avatar 我的文献 The Research Concerning Preschool English Education in China in Recent 20 Years 作者 肖宇宁 单位 佳木斯大学 期刊 海外英语 时间 2018年21期
In this paper, the author adopts the method of Content Analysis and Literature Measurement to analyze 99 theses aboutpreschool English education in the core journals. The results of analysis reveal that most of the researches on the preschool Englisheducation started at the beginning of the 21 st century and they have increased in volatility. What’s more, there searches in thisfield tend to be hotter and hotter; it can also be seen from there that in the aspect of topic choosing, there searches are apt to focuson the Micro education teaching, and are unbalanced distributed. However, they pay less attention to the evaluation, administra-tion, familial preschool English education, the law of preschool English learning; and the perspective of study methodology, theyare relatively simple, which are inclined to center upon theoretical research.The researches are mostly carried out by the nonprofes-sionals and the repetition rate of the researchers. Therefore, on the basis of these results, the author proposes some pieces of advice.
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